Let’s feel superior

I’m just uncomfortable with conventional wisdom, as it’s spouted by people who don’t know anything and followed by people who know even less.

I talk to people all of the time who think everyone else is terrible. I can be more than guilty. But it struck me the other day that it’s partially wrong, because people do all sorts of shit that I don’t know how, and need them to keep doing.

And even Joe Rogan has a bit about all the smart people dieing. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x63xun_joe-rogan-stand-up-idiots-of-the-pa_fun

The zombie apocalypse is all of a sudden, ten years ago, the biggest jerk-off fantasy.

If it’s a question of self-reliance, no doubt, disparaging others is stupid. Need I pick apart the fantasy? Fuel/power/food/bullets, eventually gone…Look at that russian family in Siberia, the isolated one found by geologists. They had a good life? nope. Looked like a stressful life. One winter they thought they would all die because the potatoes had some fungus. Real fun.

One thing I think is clear is that people spend all of their time thinking about themselves, and when they aren’t doing that, they are concerned with how they look to others, we/they/you/I might consider another point of view if we/they/us have to, but who is going to force us? All day.

Except it doesn’t feel right to give up on that idea: everyone sucks but me. Everyone sucks. but. me. What the fuck is wrong with everybody? All I want is more status, but everyone else has ass-fucking-backward values(how does that work?…prolapse I suppose).

I am really struggling with all of this negativity, and all the scientists(ish) are touting the power of positive thinking…they say things about neuroplasticity, and how you can teach an old dog to turn tricks. And how if you do the wrong things, and think the wrong way, you wont get a cookie…and if you don’t get a cookie (actually a marshmallow)…you’re not going to be an upstanding citizen, with a maxed out contribution limit on your TFSA or 401k. If you don’t eat your meat, you can’t have any pudding. And if you eat meat, and gag, you should just swallow, because there is some lost protein if you choke it up.

It does boil down to games of status. And when i see a cock strutting its cocky cockness for all the hens (or is it for the other cocks?), or a buck rape-chasing does (or is he just looking for bros to headbutt?), I feel oddly at parity with nature (or maybe I just want to be naked with some bros in the shower). Manhood is gay. No homo milk.

It is a sexual selection thing, right? We want those raw denim jeans of ours to pass on, and that’s how we win at being highlander, and somehow there can be only one. And while no one is better, because Micheal Jordan said so, that hypocrite, no body can judge anyone, and that’s because we have postmodernism and relativism and positivism, where nothing means anything unless you can show it empirically, pics or it didn’t happen, and since we don’t have status calculators, or rankings, or enough top ten lists, we need to race to this idea that nothing matters, but it does for the short term, otherwise things would not work, trains would stop not-running and we’d stop being pissed about the shitty trains.

Why do we need to be so obsessed with who is better than who, and why can’t we just work on making everyone better at not being so shitty? O because someone has to eat it, and go first, to say the emperor has an elephant in the room. And that’s real tough because it takes a morality that values the group over the selfish individual. Which is tough to even get to when we spend all our time self obsessed.

And so what is the comment: Everyone sucks but me? It’s a term of endearment. Obviously we are the same, or I would put you in the everyone sucks camp.

Red green said “keep your stick on the ice, I’m pulling for you, we’re all in this together”